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Jacques Scott is the leading wholesaler and retailer of beers, wines and spirits in Cayman. We also distribute soft drinks, food and food service products to the hotel, restaurant, and supermarket sectors.

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Our History
Our History

In 1962, Mr Anthony Jacques Scott began buying beer and soft drinks from wholesalers in Jamaica for sale to the general public in the Cayman Islands. Mr Scott operated the business from his home.

Jacques Scott Group Ltd. (“the Group”) was incorporated in the Cayman Islands in March 1972 under the name Investment Corporation Limited, to acquire the whole of the issued share capital of Jacques Scott and Company Limited (“Jaysco”), Cayman Wholesale Supply Company Limited, (“CWS”), Lorelei Import Company Limited, (“Lorelei”) and Little Liquor Store Limited, which companies were formed by Mr Scott between 1965 and 1972.  In October 1979 the Group adopted its present name.

Since the acquisition of those companies in 1972 the Group has diversified and expanded from wines, spirits and beers to frozen and dry foods, juices, soft drinks, tobacco, fresh produce, restaurant equipment and associated lines.

The main business of the Group is the wholesale and retail sale of products to hotels, restaurants, licensed premises, in-bond outlets, supermarkets and grocery stores throughout the Cayman Islands.

The main warehouses and distribution centre in George Town, Grand Cayman are well situated, have easy access both for receiving and distributing supplies and are mechanised to ensure efficient and low cost handling of goods.  The warehouses include a cold storage facility.