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Jacques Scott is the leading wholesaler and retailer of beers, wines and spirits in Cayman. We also distribute soft drinks, food and food service products to the hotel, restaurant, and supermarket sectors.

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Are you interested in our products? Want to be contacted by one of our representatives? Its easy. Start with the contact page of our website. From there you can sent us an email, or give a call. We also have a handy customer request form that you are welcome to fill out.

We look forward to doing business with you!

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All of our products will soon be available online, from Island Supply and Wine Cellar to Duty Free. Check out other Online Jacques Scott Group shopping systems now!
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FAQs - Security and Privacy
FAQs - Security and Privacy

What security do you use on your website?
Is my online order secure?
Do you share my information with anyone?
Will you ever email me?


+ What security do you use on your website?
Our website ordering system interfaces directly with our point of sale system, which is located in our secure, state-of-the-art server room. This ensures that your account is current in both places. Your customer number is the same, and since our website does not currently process credit card orders encryption is not an issue.

+ Is my online order secure?
Yes! Once your order is on our server, your order is processed via purchase order for added protection.

+ Do you share my information with anyone?
No! None of your information is shared with anyone. We respect and value your privacy.

+ Will you ever email me?
If you provide us with your email address, then yes, we will email you, but only for the reasons that you supplied us with your email address. If you place an order with us, we will send you order confirmations and order follow-ups. If you sign up for our newsletter, we will send you the newsletter.

However, we do respect your privacy, and will stop any emails (excluding order related emails) at your request.